This web-site contains the sights and sounds from the creative minds of four dudes of various musical backgrounds who like to bang out some Metal.  The songs are a mixture of different influences: Clutch, Tool, Black Sabbath and Slayer to Kyuss, The Doors, and Killing Joke with a little White Zombie thrown in to give it that perfect mix.  So, take a look around and have a listen, if you like what you see and/or hear, send us an email. Later. \../

Friday, June 13th
Next Live Show: 

  • Our next live show will be Saturday, July 19 @ AQUA (The Roc Bar Room).


 January 19, 2014
Recent Reviews: 

  • SONS OF METAL featured Pseudocidal and reviewed/debated the merits of our record Roots Run Deep! These guys have strong opinions about their metal and we fared well! Check out this meeting of the metal minds here (we come in at the 32 min mark):
    (Big thanks to the Sons of Metal guys for this opportunity!)


 October 5, 2013
Next Show: 


September 11, 2013
Next Show:

  •  Oct. 1, Roots Run Deep will be released.  You can buy the digital downloads now!  Also, our next gig is the Original Music Festival in Jacksonville on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013.  We'll be playing the 2nd mainstage at 4:15. 


 June 14, 2013
First Gig:

  •  Pseudocidal will be playing live for the first time @ Brewster's Roc Bar.  Check calendar for more info.



Metal is timeless. We go back 20 years, jamming in the shed, finding our vibe, it made for some great times. The years went by, and when Jeff sent some rough drafts of tunes he had come up with, it ignited all over again. Anthony and JT got on board and the songs have really been taking shape. It's all forward motion now, and whenever the jamming starts we go off...we become the music...

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